Earn Free Money

If you are interested in earning free money online, this system will come about as close as it gets. Everything is free to you as you start up and follow along with the daily lessons. These guys do intend to sell some of their products to you eventually but you don't have to buy them if you don't want to.

I've been working along with them for the past 12 weeks or so and have another couple of weeks to go to complete the course, but by using their system I have created a free store and blog system that is getting daily visitors and a few clicks that are earning free money. Not a lot yet, but it's free. And I haven't even done all the stuff they suggested three weeks ago.

If you are interested in finding out more about this, click this link: The Challenge.

Making Money Online

Have you seen those ads on websites and blogs that pop up when you click them or that scroll products on the side of the blog you are looking at? These are there for a reason and it's not just so you can buy the product you see scrolling by. It's because the company who provides the product is willing to pay whoever places the ad so you can click on it a little stipend each time it gets clicked. You actually help the blogger or website owner earn a little money just by clicking on the ad. So if you like the website or blog you are looking at, you can do the owner a favor if you see something you like in one of the ads and click on it. That's why it's there!

Frustrated Efforts

I almost deleted this blog site. The problem is that I haven't discovered any reasonable ways to earn money on line that really work well. At least until just recently. This isn't a get rich overnight system and it's not a scam as far as I know. All I know is that I found that I had earned a little bit of cash. I really mean "little" too. Less than ten dollars. But still I earned it and didn't even know it at the time.

In the past I've worked really, really hard to make my photography sites work well by building websites, paying for hosting sites and domain names and lots of other expensive stuff. I've paid thousands of dollars, by credit card" to other folks to promote my sites, followed their advice and so on. I sold two prints and one greeting card in three years. From sites that cost me $25.00 per month to keep on line, each. In my case, none of these things worked.

Here's something that did! As part of my web based businesses I learned that you could help advertise your websites by building blogs. Links and backlinks are critical to "being found" on search engines. Google Page rank  and other cyber conditions make it so you are either successful or not. It's takes the internet geeks hours, days, and months to keep up with all this stuff. A normal human can't do it. Most of these guys use blogs to help create the links and other traffic that help market their websites. They also use a tool called adsense to earn money on their sites. Companies will pay you if you have their ad on your site and somebody who visits your site then clicks on the ad. This is how a lot of people are getting rich and this is how I actually made a little money.

The thing about it is that you can build blogs for free on Google and on Wordpress. You can add Google adsense ads for free too. You can even build free stores at Amazon.com selling anything you want and advertise them for free on your free blogs. There is a lot about this to learn, but the thing is is that's free. All you need to do is spend the time to learn how it works. Be careful here as there are hundreds of online people who will help you spend money to do this. They will call you up with incredibly convincing tales of how you will make thousands of dollars every day if you pay them to let them help you do it. That's bunk. Don't fall for it. Keep your credit card in your wallet and don't give the number to anybody that you don't know. All this information is out there if you look for it.

What you need to do for now is learn about all the free blogging sites you can. Check out how to build an Amazon store for free, and see what you can find out about google adsense ads. Remember, don't do anything yet that you need to spend money on unless it's a paypal account that lets your "RECEIVE"  money from your other FREE blogs and sites. Got it? Good!

1001 Quality Reads

Getting Online

One way to earn it your way is to find ways to have an online presence. I just started promoting a new storefront that was provided free with a membership I have for my pictures. It's another way to increase your online presence which is crucial to making money on line. If you don't get people to your site you can't sell anything. Here's a link to my new site so you can check it out: http://DwainsPicks.imagekind.com/store The store was created for me by the company. I literally didn't do anything except edit the name a little. There will be a few more minor changes here and there but it's operational now.

My New Funiture Store

Here is a sample of a way to earn money online. I built this store after doing research for a niche product. It also follows my desire to offer a quality product that people need.

You can check this no-nonsense store out at http://astore.amazon.com/grandpasfurnitureforkids-20/

It didn't cost me anything at all to build since I already had accounts in place with PayPal, and Amazon.

Free Online EStores

Did you know that you can build your own online store front for free? Check out Amazom affilliates. It's really easy to set up and publish. The hard part is marketing after you build your store. Check it out and see what happens.